Delivery (China, Taiwan, Macau)

thestyle Delivery(China, Taiwan, Macau)

China, Taiwan, Macau,thestyle delivery use S.F.Express

Delivery fees:
• China :Frist 1Kg delivery fees HK$68,after that HK$35/Kg
• Taiwan:Frist 1Kg delivery fees HK$57,after that HK$31/Kg
• Macau :Frist 1Kg delivery fees HK$36,after that HK$12/Kg
**Taiwan recipient must provide uniform number (company) / ID numbers (Personal)
**Our shop after confirming receipt of payment, that is, by the Hong Kong storage and packaging and shipment, under General 1-2 work days to complete after a one-day package to distribute the program. Shipping to China, Taiwan, Macau, time calculations, General delivery time takes about 1-2 days, some remote areas may take a long time.

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