Before Shopping

Before Shopping

Before you shopping in thestyle, please to see our mode of operation and the following notes, we hope everyone can be purchased in the shop to your favorite home accessories, match you character tastes.

►About us

We hope through thestyle of the platform, Let friends who is ideas and stylish have direct channels to show and sell their product . We will also look for world's richest style products, customers freedom to match their own taste and style.

►Member Registration

Register as thestyle members can enjoy 5% membership shopping discounts, Member's cumulative purchases over HK$10,000 automatically become a VIP Member, VIP Member enjoy 10% discounts. Customers can pay directly, chose not to register as a member.

Please Click this link to registration<Member>

►Ordering require times

Since each product, there are different deliveries. After we receive your order, our customer service staff will contact you by email within three working days, to confirm the order and agreed delivery time, or subscription notifications.
Because the different goods with different delivery time, and then by normal procedures such as transport, customs clearance and storage, normally takes 7-14 days to our warehouse, we have shipped within the next 2 days.
Date of the shipment from our warehouse (we will notify you by email, the product has been shipped to the warehouse and the actual delivery time)
•Hong Kong's local delivery time usually takes 3 days (except in faraway areas)
•China mainland major cities delivery time usually takes about 7-14 days
•TaiWan major cities delivery time usually takes about 7-14 days

►In stock delivery time

In the two working days after confirmation of payment sent. Due to the limited number, we will arrange the shipment in the form of prepaid basis.
•Hong Kong's local delivery time usually takes 3 days (except in faraway areas)
•China mainland major cities delivery time usually takes about 7-14 days
•TaiWan major cities delivery time usually takes about 7-14 days


•We're just manual measurement, product size and weight, up down within 5% which is the normal range. We will try the best.
•Product photo colour will with difference display or online photo background, lighting and other factors which affect, so product color and material in order to prevail in kind.

►Product origin and label

We sell products from different places or individuals, and will therefore have their own label. Some product has no label. According to related product.

►About out of stock and return

•Because we have sell some handmade product,no repetition,so there will be out of stock, flaws and so on,which is normal.Have this problem no return,no replace.The kinds of product,height standard friends,please be cautious to buy.(The kinds of products,product page with description)
•Out of stock product with two situations,one is before placing orders has been discontinued,and the other is supplier allocation's period out of stock.In case of out of stock,we will be the first time contact you and refund the purchase price according to your method of payment(For example:you are to transfer payments,we will return in the same form in full).

►thestyle remind you:

•All orders after payment confirmed, we will as soon as possible.Where the order for payment,will not be able to make any changes or additions to the content of product.So, please double check before your payment order. If you have any questions, please contact us.
•We shall not be a result of natural disasters,wars,political factors,your loss or damage caused by the force majeure factors,to responsible for that.
•If there is any dispute,thestyle reserves the right of final decision to interpret,and reserves the right to amend this service at any time, without prior notice.

Finally,wish everyone happy shopping.If have any questions about the above,please contact us.


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